SR2016 Competition Network

The network at the SR2016 competition will be similar to that deployed at the SR2015 competition.

Details of the cabling and cable protection can be found on the cabling page.

Network Provision from Newbury Racecourse

Newbury will be providing:

  • Ground floor: One network socket at arena-end of the building.
  • First floor: One network socket, emerging from the canteen area.
  • Second floor: One network socket, emerging from betting shop.

Hardware arrangement

The hardware setup will be as follows on each floor.

Floor 0

A router will be installed on this floor. This machine will also run a VM for the competition software, the image of which is being provided by Peter Law.

Floor 1

No networking hardware will be installed on the first floor.

Floor 2

A router will be installed on this floor.


The two routers will be desktop machines on loan from Rob Spanton. Both of these machines will have two ethernet sockets. They will be running DHCP servers, and perform NAT onto the Newbury network.


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