Team Support

During the competition, teams will need support for various aspects of the event. Helpdesk is the first point of call for these issues, although it may not be helpdesk directly who resolve the issue.

The Helpdesk team consists of four main roles:

These roles will be filled by various people throughout the competition. Because of its nature, these roles require a knowledge of the kit and event.

Head of helpdesk

The Head of Helpdesk ("Head Helpdesker") is the person who is overall responsible for the running of helpdesk.

Effectively, they are the Helpdesker in charge.


  • Oversee the running of helpdesk
  • Tracking patterns of issues across teams to identify wider kit issues as early as possible.
  • Ensure team issues are being addressed and that the tickets are updated.
  • Ensure the welfare of all helpdesk volunteers and roving helpers.
  • On Sunday morning, chasing any teams that have not handed in overnight battery loans. See the overnight battery loan docs.
  • If time, all of the responsibilities of the Helpdesker role below.


The helpdesker is a volunteer who is generally located at the helpdesk to help with team issues.


  • Create, attend to, update and resolve tickets as necessary
  • Perform battery swaps for teams
  • Answer team issues and questions, opening a ticket if required.
  • Update the ticketing system for roving helpers and other volunteers without access to the ticketing system.