Ticket System

Certain aspects of helpdesk use a ticketing system to track team progress and issues. The source for the system can be found on GitHub.

A view of the current problems that teams are having and how many teams are in a queue can be found on the ticketing system.


Please try and keep tickets updated with comments and updates.

Information on the system is often used by commentators to give "behind the scenes" updates.

It is also critical to handing issues over between volunteer shifts and identifying patterns of issues between teams.

Accessing the system

The ticket system on your laptop, tablet or phone - Go to https://studentrobotics.org/helpdesk/.

If you have one, you can log in with your Student Robotics Google Workspace account. If you don't, you can sign up with a username and password. You may need the sign up code, which can be found at the helpdesk.

The easiest way to get to a team page is to search for the TLA in the search bar.

Ticket Queues

The Ticketing System uses several different "queues" of tickets to track different team requests:

  • Helpdesk Queue - General support tickets that require a volunteer visit to a pit.
  • Kit Expert Queue - A complex issue that has been escalated and needs a volunteer who understands the kit well.
  • SRComp - A queue of requests for a team name changes or other SRComp related requests, to be checked by a volunteer that can use SRComp.
  • Overnight Battery Loan - See overnight battery loan.

Attending a team pit

  1. Get the ticket for the issue assigned to you

    1. If a ticket does not exist, but there is an issue, make sure you create a ticket so that the issue is recorded. It is important that we record all non-trivial issues so that we can track patterns of problems across teams.
  2. Attend the team pit, ask questions and help the team resolve the issue.

  3. If you resolve the issue, awesome!

    1. Make sure you update the ticket with a comment and mark it as resolved.
  4. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can escalate the issue to a kit expert by pressing the “Escalate” button on the ticket.